Although we highly believe that when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, spot removal and all of those sorts of specific services, the professionalism, experience and knowledge of the providers of the service are always on first place, we cannot deny that tools and equipment are very, very important. As carpet cleaning professionals with so much experience on the local market, we invest a lot in training and we spend most of our time in getting better and more sensitive to the needs of our clients and customers, however we also invest a lot into technical excellence, because we understand that no carpet cleaning service could be the best, when we do not count on innovative, advanced and highly effective tools and equipment. When the right tools are used, the job is way easier for us and the final impressive result comes way faster to you, as a client.

Carpet, especially those that are placed in commercial and busy environments often struggle with faster wear and tear as well as with spots and dirt of all sorts. Accidents happen all the time and there is nothing we can do to prevent them, but we have to make sure that the issues and problems are approached properly, in order to enhance the beauty and condition of the carpet, as well as prolonging its life. Fortunately, the carpet cleaning market offers a lot of choice and diversity in terms of tools and equipment nowadays and gone are the days, when professionals are having just a couple of tools in their hands.

In fact, today’s market offers a lot in terms of products and solutions for stubborn stain removal. The chemical reaction of removing stubborn stains from all sorts is boosted by adding energy that comes from wallpaper steamer, steam iron, vapour steamer and more. With the proper cleaning method and equipment even stains from artificial food colouring can be removed, something that was pretty impossible in the near past.

Especially when it comes to pets and all the variety of stains they can leave, carpet cleaning could be very challenging. Or it was in the past when pet urine was completely impossible to remove since it penetrates the whole structure of the carpet and ruins it permanently. Today’s technological excellence and all the specially designed products allow the specialists to successfully get rid of even those kind of stains and dirt thanks to tools like sub-surface extraction one, oxidisers and more that leave the carpet completely clean, dry and fresh.

We are glad that nowadays we have many improvements in terms of technology and chemistry that are now featured in any professional carpet cleaning service delivered and that allow the professionals to deliver really fascinating results in a shorter time and with less possible drawbacks than it was in the past. Thanks to these improvements carpet cleaning are reaching a completely new level that comes with a lot more new advantages and make the whole process even more enjoyable and effective.