There are many helpful ideas around the Internet for how to remove all sorts of stains from your carpet and a lot of carpet cleaning and stain removal tips and tricks but when a candle wax stain happens, most of the people just do not know what to do and panic. There is no place for panic because you can totally remove candle wax stains out of your carpet or rug and have them look like brand new by following this easy and simple advice, stay tuned if you are interested.

Most of us love to burn candles because of the tranquil and great atmosphere they are creating and also because of their pleasant fragrance when it comes to scented candles. However, accidents may happen and when they do, you end up with a candle wax stain down on your expensive and beautiful carpet. If you don’t use candles, but candle warmers, the situation can get even worse, when these are not sturdy enough and may fall at any given time. Well, it is never a pleasure to have to deal with spilt out warm candle wax. Especially when it comes to you renting the house together with the carpet. You know you have to pay a lot of carpet repair and end of tenancy cleaning service so you can get your deposit back. But you probably do not have to, because there is an amazing solution for you!

This simple trick can totally save your life! The only tools you are going to need are an iron and a thick stack of newspapers. Start by turning your iron on its hottest setting and turn off the steam function. Place a piece of newspaper over the candle wax affected area of your carpet and then press the iron down onto the paper. Press down and move it around a bit, otherwise, there is a risk of burning the paper and the carpet underneath if you stay with pressing the iron for way too long. After a few seconds of doing so, lift the iron and you will see that the wax has already started melting into the paper. Once there is a good spot of wax that has soaked up into the paper, replace the newspaper with a new sheet and repeat the process, otherwise, you are risking to end up with wax melting onto your iron.

It is important to say that the whole process of removing may take a while, but be patient, because it's totally worth it and you can repair your carpet completely, without having a permanent stain or any residue. If you have some old towels you are going to throw away, you can also use them instead of a newspaper sheet and they will do the same. And there you have it! Your carpet is completely saved!