Leather sofas are a very beautiful feature to every living room because they add so much elegance and class to every space. However, sometimes they can be really hard to keep in good condition and extra clean. Because of the leather material they are made from, they require special attention and methods to keep them flawless and extra clean.

Have you ever wondered how to clean a leather sofa? Today we will share with you our best-kept secrets, tips and tricks! After all, a leather sofa is an expensive investment that needs attention and good care, so you gain maximum return and long-lasting power. So, here is a short guide for you to treat your leather sofas the right way and enjoy them in good condition for as long as possible!

  • Your sofa needs a clean on a daily basis? If you live in a big house and especially with young children and pets, maybe you are familiar with this situation? However, it is important not to over-clean your leather sofa. The best way for a quick and effective clean is a simple wipe down with a soft and clean cloth or feather duster. Remember to turn the cushions frequently to prevent creasing and ugly wrinkles.
  • If you want more in-depth cleaning, you can start with vacuuming the entire sofa, including under the cushions and down the sides. To make sure that all the dirt and dust accumulated is completely removed, after vacuuming wipe down with a clean and soft cloth. It is important to remove even the finest dust because it can work abrasively and scratch the fine leather. Then wipe your sofa with a cleaning or nourishing solution.
  • Here is how to make a safe, healthy and effective cleaning solution that won’t break the bank. Start with mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar, or a few drops of leather cleaning solution. Since leather is a delicate fabric, better test the solution on a small area first. White vinegar is great for effectively removing dirt and grime as well as spots and stains. You can then treat the sofa with olive oil for nourishing purpose and for extra shine.
  • Try to clean your leather sofa starting from top to bottom. Use a damp (not wet!) microfiber cloth and be sure to remove excess water and liquids immediately.
  • It is essential to dry your sofa with a clean towel. Otherwise, if you decide to dry the leather sofa with blowing dryer, you risk dehydrating the leather fabric.
  • Please, take notice that using saddle soap for treating your leather sofa too often may dissolve the leather.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to dealing with stains on leather sofa:

  • Dealing with stains immediately plays a vital role! That way you avoid them soaking into the leather fabric and becoming permanent. Gently place a piece of kitchen paper over the area, where the stain is and let it soak the spill.
  • When dealing with a grease stain, sprinkle the damaged area with baking soda and leave it for a few hours, then dust it off.
  • For removing the marks left from a permanent marker, treat the damaged area with a hairspray.