Selling your house is a pretty rich and interesting experience. If often takes a lot of time. And during this time you know your house has to look amazing and neat all the time because potential buyers are just around the corner. On the other hand, you are still living in your house and it is pretty hard to keep it neat and tidy like a museum on an everyday basis.

Selling your house means that you have to be ready at any given moment to make a good first impression because you never know when potential buyers may visit you. You have to get potential buyers thinking about how enjoyable and comfortable their lives will be spent exactly in your house and good first impressions are the key to selling your house quick and successful. Remember that buyer will be sizing up every inch of the house and there is no excuse for messes and clutter.

We all know that keeping up the house in top shape all the time is a real struggle, because of that today we provide you with a few simple and easy-to-follow ideas and low-budget updates you want to make in order to make the best first impression!

Clean and organise

When selling your home, most of the people that will visit you will pay the most attention to the bathroom and the kitchen, so these are the two areas you have to focus the most – they have to be spotless and looking as they have been just photographed for an interior design cover… or, at least, neat, cosy and clean. Make sure that countertops and appliances are wiped down, the grout between the tiles is cleaned, there is absolutely no mould anywhere, clutter is stored away and space feels organised and clean, so people can see the full potential of your house.

The floors

Focus on the floors, they have to look good. If you have a carpet installed, you may consider a professional carpet cleaning service. If you have hard floors like wood or stone, vacuum and sweep them daily and if they look extra worn off, then consider sanding and honing.

The windows

You know how natural light can make the whole house look more spacious, clean and bright. So wash the windows! Don’t forget the blinds and curtains, hire a professional curtain cleaning help, if needed.

Make sure the house smells good

The scent that welcomes the potential buyers have to be pleasant, fresh and making them imagine how much life would be better and cosier in this house.

A fresh coat

You will be judged for dirty and chipped wall and ceiling paint, so apply a fresh coat of interior paint and, if needed – exterior paint too. This way you will dramatically improve the look of your home. Look at what neighbours do and try to compliment their colour scheme.

A polished update for the entrance

The entrance to your home is the first thing potential buyers will notice, so make sure it is neat, welcoming and beautiful. Paint your front door with a fresh and eye-catching colour. Clean and polish your doorknob, fixtures and decorate your entrance to make a good first impression.

Tidy up the yard

Otherwise the mess will dramatically contrast the neatness and cleanliness of your house. Your yard is yet another reason for potential buyers to choose your house over the others on the market. Make sure to focus on all the good features that make your house better than the others.

Why not splurging for a new mailbox?

It is one of those details that will be noticed and appreciated for sure.

The backyard

Your backyard is a perfect relaxation and entertainment spot, so make it look and feel that way – add some seating areas, make sure the deck is in good condition, add outdoor lanterns for a good ambience and even consider adding a grill.

Consider an update for your ceiling

Especially if you are selling an older house with a “popcorn” ceiling – you definitely need an update!

Add Colours

Add colourful décor and art for really eye-catching detail and pop of colour.