Rihanna is welcoming us to stand under her umbrella, that is right, but she even doesn’t give us a slight hint how to take care and clean this umbrella, because it needs to be clean too. Since Rihanna is not that helpful with her lack of tips and tricks, we are going to recommend you the best methods for cleaning an outdoor umbrella in today’s article. And if you cannot find more helpful tips and tricks in her songs’ lyrics, then be found to check out our blog for even more upholstery cleaning, carpet and end of tenancy cleaning advices and recommendations. Let’s get started with today’s subject.

With springtime already here, we expect the days to get longer and evenings to get warmer, which means more and more opportunities for family dinners in the garden, barbeque and grill evenings and outdoor parties and gatherings on the garden patio. And the last things you would like is ruining the perfect atmosphere achieved and making a negative impression with a dirty and poorly-maintained outdoor umbrella, right? Regular and proper maintenance and cleaning is the key to patio umbrella that looks like brand new all year round. Most umbrellas make regular maintenance way easier and simpler with detachable canopies, so check out yours and see if they can be detached. If you can, then spread the canopy out over a protective surface and let the cleaning start! In case the canopy is attached, then carefully open the umbrella and lay it down on a protective surface like a blanket or tarp.

Spray your umbrella with your outdoor hose, or if you don’t have any, then take your umbrella to a do-it-yourself carwash and use the water pressure washer. This is the easiest and fastest way to loosen dust, dirt and debris. If you are wondering what type of cleaners you can use, then remember the rules of conventional upholstery or carpet cleaning and pass the abrasive cleaners for something else, while using a mild soap or laundry detergents this time. Harsh detergents can really destroy the finish of your umbrella as well as the fabric and cause a number of issues such as discolouration and more. Use mild and soapy water instead and gently scrub each section to get rid of the collected dust and dirt. Be sure to give the stained areas, some elbow grease and get rid of the nasty and annoying stains. If you are cleaning at the local carwash, be sure to use the brush and brush away all the dirt and stains. When you are done, spray your umbrella again with the hose and to rinse off the soapy residue. For extra maintenance, you can consider buying an outdoor furniture protectant to help your umbrella repel water and protect against sun damage.

Lastly, re-attach your canopy to the umbrella and let it air dry. If you are washing your umbrella at the car wash, the best thing to avoid the mess of placing the soaking wet umbrella into your car is by carefully wrapping it up with the blanket or tarp and place it back in your vehicle.