Oh, the glory of a fresh, new, sunny day! Oh, the glory of opening freshly cleaned blinds to invite sun and light in, instead of pouting in a cloud of dust and allergies, which is definitely a bad way to start the day! If every morning your nose is itching because of all the dust that comes from opening your blinds, then maybe it is about time to clean them finally. Are you afraid to see the amount of dirt and grime firsthand? No, don’t be, because there is nothing better to greet the day through freshly cleaned blinds every morning, so let’s get started!

Window blinds cleaning is one of those tasks that is usually dropped deep down at the bottom of your list of priorities. Until a sudden rush of energy takes over and make you clean the whole house like an OCD, or the amount of dust attracted by your blinds is close to the edge of losing your house because of the risk of a pandemic. As you can see, this is not only your least favourite task and the same could be said for many, many people. Well, this doesn’t have to be used as an excuse for not cleaning them and the truth is that this task is not even that boring, time-consuming and hard, as you may expect. Everything you are going to need is a few materials you already have at home and a few minutes of your day free! The benefits of doing it? There are a number of benefits and freshness is not the only one. Thank us later, when your allergies have lessened.

Quick clean

Regular dusting will significantly reduce the need for an annual house down. Everything you need to do is putting a clean soft cloth over your hand, dip your fingers into a bowl of vinegar and swipe your hand across the tops and bottom of each slat.

Deep clean

All those neglected and overlooked blinds need a little more elbow grease. Always make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations before starting with a deep and thorough cleaning. Remember that wooden and fabric blinds often need to be handled more carefully than other materials, because fabrics and wood are often sensitive materials.

Wood blinds cleaning has one single and very important rule – damp is ok, but wet is not! Real wood is a sensitive material that can be ruined by the excessive amount of moisture and liquids. Moisture can make wood warp and discolour. The best way to clean wooden blinds is by using the vacuum brush attachment for getting rid of the excess dust and dirt and then carry on using lemon oil or wood preservative to give your blinds extra shine and fresh look.

Faux wood blinds also need to be treated with a vacuum brush attachment first, so all dust and dirt can be removed. Next, mix together warm water and a mild detergent and swipe across the front and the back with a soft cloth damped in the solution. Finally, blot dry and then close.

Bamboo blinds cleaning also starts with vacuuming them with the brush attachment, but be sure to hold the attachment an inch away, otherwise, you risk creating suction that could damage the material. Bamboo and woven woods require more specific cleaning because they are not similar to hardwood, vinyl or all other sorts of blinds. Damp clothes, towels and dryer sheets can easily get caught in the weave, so be sure to avoid wiping anything across the surface.

Fabric blinds cleaning can be a part of your routine, or if you do not know how to handle it, you can always hire carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning professionals to do the job. If you decide to try and do it by yourself, then you have to start with vacuuming the blinds, spot clean them with a soft cloth and a mixture of mild detergent and warm water, blot gently and then let dry. If the problem is serious and you are in serious need of stain removal, then contact the professionals.