Curtain cleaning is a large part of our business. We at Carpet Service are cleaning professionals for the past few decades, specialising in curtain, rug cleaning services and stain removal in Bromley. We are a team of cleaning technicians trained into the latest and most effective methods and maintenance systems that provide our clients with full satisfaction, impressive final results with long-lasting effect and protection added. Our curtain cleaning service is recognised by Carpet Service customers as highly professional and efficient and this is why it is highly preferred by anyone.

In fact, we can come to your home or office, take down your curtains, clean them and then re-hang them for you. Our service is delivered according to an advanced and innovative treatment system that ensures 100% satisfaction and smoothly running process. We are trained in innovative techniques that ensure not only perfectly clean curtains and blinds, but also a great reduction of bacteria and allergens. In fact, a curtain is one of those features of the house or office that attracts a lot of dust and dirt along with bacteria and allergens. In this line of thoughts, curtains are among the main reasons for an unhealthy indoor space and poor quality of the indoor air. Because of that curtains and blinds have to be cleaned frequently and maintained in a good condition. Hiring the professionals from time to time to treat them properly will also increase their long-lasting power and keep them in beautiful appearance and flawless condition for a long time.

Cleaning – tailored to your needs and budget

The dry cleaning method for curtains is the most effective way to enjoy precisely treated curtains that are extra sanitised. The method we work with ensures not only perfect treatment and full success in removing all sorts of stains and other imperfections, but also not soapy and sticky residue left. We recommend curtain cleaning every two years because this is the approximate period your curtains will remain clean and protected from dirt and bacteria buildups. In addition, professional curtain cleaning every now and then will extend the life of your curtains. Failure to regularly dry clean your curtains will make removing the accumulated dirt and dust more difficult and over time can damage the fabric and cause imperfections.

Top quality cleaning for a healthier household

Based on different effective techniques and with the help of high-quality products and equipment, our curtain cleaning system is designed to restore freshness and vitality. After our treatment, your curtains will look like brand new once again and this is a very wise service to invest in because curtains are among the large investments in every household and you definitely want them to look and feel great for as long as possible. Our long experience and knowledge accumulated have shown us the importance of using high-quality products and undertaking every project in Bromley with the needed preparation.

At Carpet Service we work according to the highest standards in the business, ensuring full satisfaction and impressive final results. We are glad to provide you with the highest quality and very thorough curtain cleaning service in Bromley, so do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need our help!