Carpet Service’s professional rug cleaning service combines technical excellence and years of experience and knowledge accumulated in the cleaning of household textiles. Our experienced and skilled team can take care of all types and sizes of rugs and mats, leaving them extra clean and sanitised, free of dust and dirt, allergens and bacteria. Otherwise, rugs and mats are one of those things around the house that attract dust and debris the most. Even when they look fairly clean and there are no visible stains, debris and dirt are often collected deep in between the fibres and because of that rugs and mats are a large reason for unhealthy indoor environment and poor quality of the indoor air, often provoking allergies and leading to different skin and respiratory conditions as well as irritations.

Carpet Service offers a thorough and precise rug cleaning service available for all clients and customers in the Bromley area. In addition, our innovative and advanced system is designed to remove all sorts of stains, leaving all household textures extra clean and will add long-lasting protection. Once we approach your rugs and mats with a technique that meets the highest standards in our branch, they are then given a protective treatment to help resist future soiling and bacteria and dirt buildups as well as staining. Protective treatment is especially highly recommended for rugs placed in high traffic areas in your house and workplace. In addition, our approach ensures the neutralisation of odours and full freshness.

More free time for you – best cleaning results

Rugs are a great way to add character and unique look to any space, where they are placed. In addition, rugs are a pretty large investment and you definitely want yours to last you as long as possible in flawless condition and appearance. Carpet Service’s specialist rug cleaning service available in Bromley will ensure that your rug is always looking its best. We are true professionals and we deliver rug cleaning with the best and most effective approach. We rely on our experience and knowledge in understanding your rugs fabric composition and we provide the best solution depending on your individual project in Bromley.

The best rug cleaning services in town

We try to always approach any project with individual approach depending on its individual needs and the personal requirements and preferences of the client. At Carpet Service we offer the freedom of customising a comfortable rug cleaning service to every client in Bromley. We make sure to focus on the individual needs and desires of every client. We are also highly respectful of the individual schedule and prior discussed the budget and because of that our rug cleaning service provides any client with a lot of comforts. Be sure to get in touch with us whenever you are in need of professional care and additional protection for your rugs and mats in Bromley. You can reach us on 020 7036 0626, or alternatively, leave us a message on and we will respond as fast as possible. We would be more than happy to be able to assist you in making your home and workplace an extra clean, well-maintained and healthy place.